Keleah Anderson
Founder & Owner of Abundant Yoga

“While “Christian yoga” might sound like an oxymoron, you’re encouraged to read further.  Abundant Yoga provides something more than a yoga practice – it provides a complete experience of union with God our Creator through movement.” – Keleah, Founder & Owner of Abundant Yoga

Keleah came to yoga through two passions – cheerleading and gymnastics.  She was raised in the church, becoming a believer at age 7.  She had always experienced movement as an expression of her soul, but in yoga, she found an even deeper connection to the God she knew and loved.  She found movement that was sacred, union that was restful, and postures that were powerful.  She found home – a place of being, not doing.  Her deepest intention is to awaken the heart within others to experience “the flow” of God’s love, and for each class to offer something greater than a physical practice, but rather a connection in mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Keleah’s diverse background and studies of yoga and anatomy have enriched her own unique style of teaching.  Her classes provide the body an opportunity for movement, stillness, worship, prayer, and meditation all in one.

Keleah has been teaching yoga since 2001 and is recognized by Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT200 certified yoga instructor.  She has been sharing a passion for the Lord through fitness training for over half her life, beginning in 1991.  She currently brings this unique practice of Christ-centered yoga to classes in her studio, churches, and retreat centers. Keleah resides in Franklin, TN with her husband of 18 years and three children.

Tracey Rogers
Manager at Abundant Yoga

“…It’s not about the yoga at all, but about connecting to God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit with our heart, mind, soul, and strength.” – Tracey, Manager at Abundant Yoga

Tracey took her first yoga class in 2007 after an injury kept her out of her normal exercise routine.  Over those first few classes, she found herself falling in love with the yoga practice.  What started out as a once a week class gradually increased, until in 2011, in which yoga became all she did for fitness!  It was also when she began to see the richness available in Christian yoga.  That same year, she became a certified Holy Yoga instructor and began teaching January 2012.

Tracey loves to combine upbeat music, interesting sequences, and the Truth of God’s Word for a joy and worship-filled, powerful class.  She loves encouraging her students to try for more, believing they are stronger and more capable than they themselves could ever believe.  Yet she also believes it’s not about the yoga at all, but about connecting to God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit with our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Tracey loves to teach yoga, but clearly knows that’s not God’s only calling for her life.  She is a Bible teacher, speaker, and writer.  She teaches a weekly class at her church and speaks at women’s events and retreats.  To learn more about Tracey’s ministry, visit

When she’s not teaching, Tracey enjoys spending time with her husband Kevin of 20 years and their three children.  She loves coffee at sunrise, time in the sun, and shopping for a great pair of shoes.

Heather Peters
Creative Director of Abundant Yoga

“Layer by layer, we uncover the tight, unsurrendered places of our body, and with each movement on the mat, we can go a little deeper.  And such is the work of the Holy Spirit as He pursues us continually…layer by layer of our hearts He uncovers, and deeper and deeper He goes in loving us, and us becoming known. – Heather, Creative Director of Abundant Yoga

Heather began taking yoga classes from Keleah back in 2008.  Never having set foot in a yoga studio (ever!), the first thing she said after finishing that initial class was “I’m never doing that again!”  But something about it kept her coming back for more.  To her, it was more than just a way of “getting fit”.  Connecting with God during each class was feeding her soul in a way the crazy pace of life could not.  She saw that through yoga – layer by layer – she could uncover the tight, unsurrendered places of her body and with each movement on the mat, go a little deeper.  And she discovered that such is the work of the Holy Spirit as He pursues her (and each of us) continually.  Layer by layer of her heart He uncovers, and deeper and deeper He goes in loving her, and her becoming known.

Keleah quickly became a yoga mentor and friend, challenging Heather to grow and stretch in ways both physically and spiritually.  Before long, one class turned into several weeks of classes, and then into years of making yoga an integral part of Heather’s spiritual and physical health and well-being.

Heather comes to Abundant Yoga with a BFA in Visual Communications and over a decade of graphic design (, small business, administrative, and real-world ministry experience.  She considers the Lord her very best friend and love who keeps pursuing her, even through all her stumbling.  She leans on God’s promise and hope in Galatians 6:9: “Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Heather loves food, all things dessert, late summer nights & early fall, superhero movies, rollerskating, puppy dogs & kitty cats, the color gray, NYC, and lives in Franklin, TN.

Amanda Low
Instructor at Abundant Yoga

Empowering (many) to reconnect and heal with yoga has allowed me to witness God’s amazing ability to redeem one’s story with the tool of a yoga mat. – Amanda, Instructor at Abundant Yoga

Practicing yoga for over 15 years, Amanda took her first Christian yoga class as a stranger in a new city a little over 3 years ago.  Ever since then, her practice has changed…that first class wasn’t “just about the yoga”, it was spiritual connection. She knew that she could no longer be able to separate yoga from Christian worship – they had weaved themselves together to be the fabric of her current practice.  After this refreshing experience, she felt the call to get certified to share and serve others with this new approach to yoga.

After completing her 225 hour RYT yoga training, she continued with additional training in trauma therapy yoga.  Empowering trauma survivors to reconnect and heal with yoga has allowed her to witness God’s amazing ability to redeem one’s story with the tool of a yoga mat.  With this change in perspective, her new passion is to help the individual who is looking to draw closer to God through yoga, regardless of years of experience.  In doing so, she hopes that others can regain a love and confidence in themselves and their bodies, while allowing God to use yoga in achieving complete health.

Being a part of a Christian yoga community is desire that was placed in Amanda’s heart since discovering Christian yoga, and she is honored to be a part of the shared vision that God has given Keleah.

Amanda is a native of St. Louis, MO, but now calls Nashville home.  She resides in Nolensville, TN with her husband of 13 years and two sons.  She enjoys reading, traveling, gardening, and spending time with her family.

Dana Taft
Instructor at Abundant Yoga

In yoga, there is no “perfect” – just practice! – Dana, Instructor at Abundant Yoga

Dana is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.  After being a practitioner for over 10 years, Dana discovered Baptiste Yoga, a style of vigorous asana, self-inquiry, and meditation, and it is also the Power Vinyasa yoga style in which she received her formal teacher training.  Through the Baptiste Institute, Dana has trained directly under founder Baron Baptiste and completed over 150 additional hours in the Art of Assisting.

It was through teaching Power Yoga she began to add her love of Christ in yoga classes.  As a daughter of a pastor, Dana had always believed that in “everything she did, it would be done as unto the Lord” (Colossians 3:23)…and so is the case with yoga!  Her classes are themed to biblical lessons, Christian music, prayer, and spiritual introspection.  Additionally, Dana enjoys anything upside-down and fun arm balances as well.   Currently, she teaches corporate and private clients in the Metro-Nashville area.  She is married to former NBA Player Chris Taft, and together they have 3 children who attend Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville.

When not teaching yoga, Dana enjoys time with her AlureVé team, volunteering in the community, and running the occasional road race.  Dana believes that in yoga, there is no “perfect” – just practice!  Her personal mission statement is:

“I am here to bring out the God-flavors of this earth; shine to bring out the God-colors in the world; be open and generous with my life, prompting others to open up with God, this generous Father in Heaven.” – Matthew 5:13-16 (MSG)

Abbey Harris
Instructor at Abundant Yoga

“Having found inner healing for my heart and physical healing for my body (through yoga), I want to be able to provide a safe space for the same to happen in others. – Abbey, Instructor at Abundant Yoga

In 2004, having just started nursing school in Colorado, Abbey was introduced to yoga by a dear friend who was teaching beginner classes.  A small yoga group spent hours learning basic poses in an upstairs room of an old office building, with chairs pushed aside, meditating on Christ, and opening space in their bodies.  Needless to say, Abbey was hooked!  She spent years taking this class and slowly added in varying styles of yoga at different studios.  She discovered that yoga classes, at large, while creating strength and flexibility, strayed far from the intentions of filling the mind and body with the presence of Jesus.

After 10 years of practice, she decided that she longed to teach a style of yoga based on encountering Christ.  Having found inner healing for her heart and physical healing for her own body, she wanted to be able to provide a safe space for the same to happen for others.  In 2013, she moved to Franklin to marry Shaun Harris and promptly started taking classes from Keleah.

In 2014, she completed her 225 hour RHT through Holy Yoga and began teaching private sessions.  Abbey loves combining the knowledge of human anatomy with yoga postures to promote expansion in the body. In 2017, she completed her certification in Prenatal and Postpartum Holy Yoga.  She also currently works as a birthing RN with midwives, combining the elements of yoga to support both mothers giving birth and postpartum moms reengaging their bodies after birth.

She and her husband Shaun love active adventure, whether that’s hiking a new trail, exploring by bike, or taking a yoga class together.

Shaun Harris
Instructor at Abundant Yoga

“I feel that yoga improves all aspects of other physical activities, because yoga helps men to find strength under control in heart, mind, and body. – Shaun, Instructor at Abundant Yoga

Shaun was introduced to yoga in 2010, but didn’t attend a Christian yoga class until 2011.  Shaun’s background in martial arts created his curiosity into Christian based yoga.  His Karate instructor was a Christian man that fathered his students in the gospel as he taught them, and Shaun saw that this was possible as a yoga instructor.  Shaun went on to complete his 225 Hour Holy Yoga Teacher Certification in 2011 and then his Master’s Holy Yoga Certification in 2012.

Shaun thoroughly enjoys seeing people experience freedom and the love of Christ on their mats. “I still remember the first time I experienced how much ego, pride, shame, and anger I was carrying onto my yoga mat, and how it felt to release it to the Father and allow him to comfort me in child’s pose!”

Shaun also likes working with other men who are unsure of yoga, who are physically tight from other sports activities/injuries, or just curious about yoga in general.  He feels that yoga improves all aspects of other physical activities, because yoga helps men to find strength under control in heart, mind, and body.

Shaun was introduced to his wife Abbey through two of his dearest friends in Colorado Springs (also Christian yoga instructors) and the rest is…well, just see Abbey’s bio!

Madison Locke
Front Desk at Abundant Yoga

Beyond Yoga provides a place to bring together the love of movement with worshiping God through our body. – Madison, Front Desk at Abundant Yoga

From a young age, Madison has always loved movement. She grew up in a Christian home and loved using cheerleading & tumbling as a way to bring glory to God. She started by participating in gymnastics and then transitioned to cheerleading. She cheered throughout college, but upon graduation, Madison knew another place was needed to channel that movement!

After meeting Keleah, she fell in love with the mission of Abundant Yoga.  Madison concluded that this was a way to bring together her love of movement and worshipping God, so she is grateful to be able to help out at the front desk.

Madison is engaged, resides in Franklin, and is attending MTSU for a Master’s in Counseling. She hopes to minister and counsel children who have been through trauma…and perhaps one day, even use yoga as a means to help them!

Jennie Poe
Front Desk at Abundant Yoga

“I want to spread this Joy (in Him through fitness) to others and for them to be engulfed in the warmth of His love…and become stronger in the process! – Jennie, Front Desk at Abundant Yoga

Jennie’s previous full time 15 year career was as a Recreational Therapist for children and adults with special needs. She has two daughters, recently got married to the love of her life, and found that God was calling her to help others find their worth through fitness.

Jennie is a strong believer…not just in Christ, but in the JOY that His love offers.  Jennie found this Joy through fitness five years ago on her journey to becoming healthier physically and spiritually. Her journey led her to Abundant Yoga in September of 2016 and has brought her more joy than she could have imagined!  Jennie wants to spread this joy to others and wants others to be engulfed in the warmth of His love…and become stronger in the process!

Jennie’s life verse is: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  This Bible verse is super special to her, because God whispered it to her many years before she came to fully accept Him.  The day that her life went from gray to color was because of this verse…she lives by it daily!