We want you to feel at home in our studio.  Come with a willing heart and willing body!  Yoga is a practice, and with anything new, growth comes with practice.

Please view some of our FAQ’s below!

What if this is my first time in class or trying yoga?

Our classes make space for you to make the class your personal practice, whether you are there to challenge yourself or just worship in Child’s Pose.  All classes are great for any level, and our teachers offer modifications for you to take it to the depth you feel.

I'm not sure what to bring?

If you have a favorite yoga mat or prop, bring it!  Or you can use one of ours, along with our props, that our teachers will use to help strengthen your practice (all free of charge).

I don't know which classes I should take?

If you are a new yogi, we recommend beginning with any of our Be Gentle and Be Still class offerings.  If you have a specific injury or problem area that you are recovering from, *please be sure to tell your instructor* so they can cue modifications for you.

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How do I get to the studio?

We are located in the Camden Commons retail area, right behind Sopapilla’s in Franklin (at the intersection of Franklin Road and Moores Lane).

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