We think yoga can actually benefit men even more than women!  Our studio strives to create a space and environment that welcomes all levels and ages of “men on the mat”.

Please view some of our FAQ’s below!

Why would men attend a yoga class?

You’re probably thinking “…because isn’t yoga what women do to stretch?!”  We encourage male clients to think of power first and stretching second when it comes to yoga. Why think of power first?  Because in order for a muscle to become more flexible, it has to contact first.  Static contraction when in a standing posture (Warrior One, for example) is an extremely powerful pose.  In Warrior One, you will feel one leg stretching and one leg flexing, so if an efficient, whole body is what you are seeking, then yoga is for you!

Does yoga actually help men with their stress?

Absolutely!  Men carry stress differently than women, and especially emotional stress. Yep, we said it…you guys out there have emotions too, and you can only hold them in for so long before they impact your health in a negative way. Pushing harder and harder to hold your emotions down makes you less flexible, more guarded, and actually more physically weak in your body.  

How will yoga help my current workout regimen?

Men doing yoga on a regular basis will see many improvements in other sports and strength & conditioning events.  While increasing strength for other activities, some conditioning classes don’t have a breath focus and a stabilizing muscle focus.  Yoga takes care of both breath and stabilizing muscles, which helps your body learn to use oxygen more efficiently and to protect your body from injury.

Will I be the only male in a class of all females?

Who cares!  The women you will be taking class with won’t look at you like you’re a stranger.  We have many male clients in our classes and they are welcomed!  Most of them can’t imagine being without yoga as a part of their lifestyle.  Men doing yoga may actually be MORE beneficial to men than women for the above reasons and others beyond what we’ve listed.

If you are a man and being in a room full of people doing poses that you aren’t familiar with feels intimidating or uncomfortable, then feel free to reach out to us about one-on-one classes or possible a small group class of just men. Taking the edge off to find a little self-efficacy goes a long way!

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