Just as the adult classes at Abundant Yoga seek to create a still, gentle, and powerful union to Christ through the modality of yoga, so do our kids classes/workshops!

Please view some of our FAQ’s below!

What is kids yoga like at Abundant Yoga?

First and foremost, we set our intention of the practice on Him.  This is done through the use of biblical stories or principles that are applied in a playful manner that appeals to children.  And while our kids yoga classes are designed to teach traditional yoga postures, and we purposefully set aside time to be still, we also recognize that kids need and crave play. So while we have story, prayer, and yoga, we also aim to appeal to all kinds of learners by incorporating art, music, games and/or partner play. Kids yoga can get loud, can get silly, and can be FUN!

What do I need to bring?

Unless your child has a mat they prefer to use, all they need is comfortable clothing that allows for movement and a water bottle. Please ask your child to use the restroom before class time.

What if my child has special needs or a sensory sensitivity?

Please let us know how we can serve you and your child by communicating with us prior to your child’s first class. We want all kids to be able to experience kids yoga and the more information we have about your child’s needs, the better we can serve you. Also, consider private lessons until you are comfortable with the structure of kids yoga or large group environment.

What do I need to tell my child before bringing him/her to a class/workshop?

 Please remind your child that this is a classroom setting and we do ask that certain rules be followed:

– Your mat is your space! Please do not infringe on another child’s space during class. This is how we show respect to one another, as well as practice safely.

– Listening ears on! While the teacher is speaking, please listen so you, and the others around you, can understand what is going on.

– Attitude is everything! This may be a new experience for you, but we don’t know if we will or won’t like it unless we try it.

– This is your practice! It doesn’t look the same as the others around you. Listen to your body and take a break if you need to.

– God made you and He loves you just as you are!