Our weekly Donation Class is a class open to anyone wanting to practice and worship with us!  Read more about why we began our donation classes.

  • To give people the opportunity to allow a newbie to try yoga for the first time
  • As a way for you to bring a friend who has never worshipped through the conduit of yoga
  • To minister to someone who may not be able to financially commit to a class
  • Or just as an extra practice for you to attend and help give a love gift for someone who needs it!

We have a donation basket set in the room, and whether it’s a dollar or twenty, any thing is welcomed.

Your love offering is being used to cover someone who might not be able to pay a full drop in rate!

We like to think of it as our way that Abundant Yoga serves the community!

Our Current Weekly Donation Class:

Mondays: 7:00PM – 8:00PM

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