December Staff Feature: Trish Wood

Every month, we want to allow you to get to know a little more about each instructor or staff member here at Beyond Yoga.  This month’s Staff Feature is Trish Wood. We hope you enjoy getting to know Trish and trying her classes at the studio!

Trish Wood
Instructor at Beyond Yoga


Hi Trish!  Tell us a little more about the style and type of classes you teach at Beyond Yoga?

{be} gentle Vinyasa – My style is alignment based Vinyasa.  What I love most is teaching the postures in a way that awakens each student to the the strength and grace possible within their magnificent bodies.

{be} still Restorative – AHHH, Restorative.  It’s the real gift of yoga is to be still the with craziness of our thoughts for just those simple 60 minutes and to soften the places we hold our stress and tension most tightly in our bodies. My restorative practice is all about withdrawing energy from the postures and finding deep and abiding rest for mind, body, and soul.

What would you tell someone who is taking a yoga class for the first time?

Be patient and give yourself a lot of grace.  It’s not about perfection of body or of postures.  It’s most about coming to know ourselves more deeply, finding our strength, and discovering untapped flexibility along the way.  I always loved the quote, but can’t recall who said it first – “It’s NOT about touching your toes; it’s about what you learn on the way there.”

What would you say is the biggest misconception about yoga you hear from your students or the public?

That you have to have a certain kind of body to practice yoga.  I have taught yoga to men, women, and kids ranging in ages from 4 to 84.  The practice of yoga is one that can be adapted to every type and shape of body at any age.  

How long have you been teaching yoga?  What is your yoga background?  And what do you love most about teaching yoga?

I can remember the day I taught my first class, but not the YEAR, ha!  I think I started teaching yoga specifically in 2006/2007.  I started my journey in this industry as a spin instructor, but I am also a personal trainer and certified run coach too.  I LOVE helping people find a depth of strength and grace they never thought was possible.

What would you like to share with anyone that comes to your class or is interested in taking it?

Take the first step!  Schedule a class, step in the door, and onto a mat.  It’s the hardest thing to overcome the serotypes of yoga and to just step on the mat.  You might just find a new feeling of coming home. 

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